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Ragdoll cattery Mecote Overloon

We are a small cattery in Overloon,  the Netherlands.

We own an organic dairy farm.




An introduction:

Ylia van den Oever married withHarrie Janssen.

We have 6 children together .

Megan, Colin, Tessa, Emma, Claudia and Lucas.

Mecote is from Megan, Colin en Tessa the first 2 letters.

We live on a beautifal farm with cows for organic milk.

We have a dog called  Siri she is a border collie.

We have a ridgeback Maddie 

We have 6 horses, for breeding, to ride with and do showjumping.


We have a cageless cattery.  Our cats live in the house and are able to come everywere in the house.

We adore our cats.


Megan Eeftink we share our cattery 


We are a member of Mundikat, FIFE. We breed according to the club.

Ylia and Harrie and Megan and Chloë love to go to a show.

We love showing our ragdolls. Because of the comments of the judge , so we know how we to breed if we are going in the right direction. 



We only breed Ragdolls with points and blue eyes!