Ch. Elin's Diamanter Quartz


Born State: Norway

Gender: Female

Born: 15-3-2019

Pattern: Bicolour

Colour: Seal

EMS Code: Rag n 023


Blood type a

Test FELV –neg

Test FIV – neg

Genetic and ultrasound test HCM –negative

Genetic and ultrasound test PKD – negative

dilution – blue diluted




Description of NO*Elin's Diamanter Quartz  ( Rose):

Rose is a beautifull female kitten from Norway by Elin Rakvåg.

Elin Rakvåg is a good friend, and a breeder of gorgeous Ragdolls in Norway.

Rose has an excellent profile and a long body. Her placement of the ears and shape are perfect.

In het pedegree we see the highest blood lines: Chantadolls, Darlinlildolls Eulaly and Koc-pol.


When you look at Rose there are 3 things to notice:

  1. Beautifull in balance
  2. Cat with an attitude
  3. A diva



(N)Amasing Star's Tjorven of Milo & Elonadolls Kennedy


Photo gallerij of Rose